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Monday, December 3, 2012

I Decorated the Entryway!!

I did it! I really did it! I finished a project! Whoohoooo! Tonight after supper I hung two big bows on the railings with the evergreen swag I put up, and then I hung my big wreath I made on the front door. And then I made Shawn and the boys walk outside with me to admire my handiwork  It was dark. But I didn't care. I turned on the house lights and we all agreed it looks beautiful!

If I ever get home before it turns dark, I will take a photo for you. In the meantime, just know it looks great! Especially with our pretty new door. If only the steps had gotten painted.... Oh well.

Mom had supper with us tonight. She brought Bo home after his day at the farm. Both said they had a great time! They went Christmas shopping at Target on their way to our house. Bo picked out gifts for all of us. I'm so excited to see what he comes up with! They even bought bags to put them in. He was so excited and wanted to tell us what he bought so badly, but we convinced him to wait until Christmas. He did say that he picked out the same thing for Shawn and Mazy.  :)

Before I forget, Buddy the Elf's Day 2 adventure was dumping all of Mazy's colored pencils and markers out of his marker box. Fortunately Shawn remembered him because I went to bed Saturday night and totally forgot. And we both forgot last night, so this morning when Mazy wasn't looking, I grabbed Buddy and stuffed him in the back of a red convertible driven by Frosty the Snowman. It's one of those moving/music playing decorations. Dad bought it for Mazy years ago.

Today on my lunchbreak I bought the ribbons for my outdoor decorations, and bought a bunch of Happy Birthday decorations for Mazy's big day. I also made arrangements to pick up Mazy's best friend Cooper on Friday after school and bring him back to our house for a playdate. Maybe we will get a movie for them to watch, or just let them have fun. I'm thinking of making some giant Gingerbread Men cookies and letting them each decorate one. Heidi got me an awesome cake/cookie pan that's shaped like a Gingerbread Man and he comes with a decorating kit. I think they'd like that.

Tomorrow's job is to figure out Mazy's birthday dessert for his party. He originally wanted an ice cream cake but I don't know how we will be able to keep it frozen during the animal session. So I asked him for his second choice and he said: chocolate cake with white frosting, and chocolate frosting, and fudge sauce, and raspberries, and a cherry on top, and some more chocolate frosting.

Hmmmm. I'm not really sure what kind of cake that would be. A cavity cake?  ;) I'll see what I can come up with.

OK, better get to work picking up this house. It's a disaster! Oh, I almost forgot! Today Violet turned 8 months old!! Can you believe that?!?!? I can't. She is growing far too fast for my liking. If I could squish her down I'd keep her a baby for another year or two. :)

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