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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunshine Sunday: At the Farm

We had a great weekend!!! Saturday's breakfast out with the family was a huge success. Shawn and I were both very happily surprised by the children's behavior. The boys got along beautifully and Violet was as happy as a clam sitting in her car seat the entire breakfast, happily noshing away on Shawn's side of applesauce, my cantaloupe and a few bites of the boys' pancakes and waffle. It was so much fun! 

After breakfasting, Shawn went out for diapers and a couple hours of shopping (yes, his Saturday ritual). The boys and I sorted through a bunch of plastic totes and got a big pile of stuff ready for Shawn to take to the Salvation Army. I am so proud of us, we got through totes that have been in the computer room for months... We cleared out the area where we hope to put the Christmas tree this week! Saturday afternoon, I did some yard work while Violet napped and Shawn took a trunk load of donations to Salvation Army. The boys hauled all five bags of mulch to the front yard and I distributed them throughout the front landscaping. I also cut a bunch of greenery from our evergreen tree and wired it to the two handrails at the front of the house, and made a wreath for the front door. I want to buy three big ribbons and a wreath hanger tomorrow on my lunch break so I can get the decorating finished. And then I will take some photos for you!

Saturday also marked the return of Buddy the Elf from the North Pole. The boys found him Saturday morning -- beneath a fort he had constructed with our couch cushions and fleece blankets. He was roasting a marshmallow on a bamboo skewer over one of my candles. Mazy was sure to mention to Bo that it would be very dangerous to light a candle inside a tent. 

And if that wasn't enough excitement for Saturday, we took all the kids to Merle Hay Mall to return some jeans I'd bought Shawn and buy Mazy a pair of black pants to wear in their Christmas photo shoot with Uncle Steve this morning. While at the mall, we checked out the place where we're having Mazy's 8th birthday next Saturday -- the Red Rock Wildlife Center. Wow, it is crazy! There are wolves, bears, lynxes, foxes, bobcats, cougars, and all kinds of animals LIVING IN THE MALL!! Next Saturday will be an interesting party... 

And that brings us to today. We bathed all the children, dressed them in their Christmas outfits and met my aunt and uncle at a local elementary school for a Christmas photo shoot. It was super foggy and damp out, not the greatest weather for photos, but I just need one good one for the card! The kids were good sports, including Violet who was freezing, poor thing! 

After that, we went to Walmart for some ingredients for lunch at the farm. I had forgotten that Mom invited Bo to spend the night so we grabbed him some new pants and underwear to see him through. Grandma Maxine and Grandpa Pud joined us for lunch. Dad and my brothers were out deer hunting all day. Bandy shot a six-point buck, I think. I don't pay much attention to dead animal talk. All I know is that they had to carry the carcass a long way through the timber to the truck. Poor boys. :) 

We hung at the farm all day, ordered Casey's pizza for an early supper, said goodbye to Bo and hit the road for Des Moines. I should clean up the house but I'm tired and instead looked for Christmas cookie recipes on Pinterest. Violet just woke up and Shawn is rocking her in his chair. 

And tomorrow we will begin it all again. This is Mazy's birthday week so look for lots of Mazy-focused activities and fun. I am taking a vacation day on Friday -- I'd love to stay home and bake Christmas cookies in the morning and then pick Mazy up from school and take him and a friend to Incredible Pizza or somewhere else fun for his birthday. 

Have a great week, everyone!

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