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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advent Gifts Day 4

So every year since I was a middle schooler, my mom has bought me advent presents to open throughout December. As we grew older, she stopped buying them for my brothers and invited my aunt and grandma to join in the fun.

So we each buy six small presents for each other and exchange them before Dec. 1. Then we all have 24 presents to open each day of December. This year, my cousin Jenny wanted to join in the fun. So we bought five presents for each other. We're on Day 4 and so far I've opened a magnetic notepad and pen for the refrigerator, a pack of new pens and good tape for wrapping presents, a giant Gingerbread man cookie pan and decorating kit, and today Bo picked out a cute Christmas ball notepad with a "K" on it and a little red pen. It's always so fun to have presents to open every day!!

The boys are enjoying their advent calendar as well. We debated adding Violet to it, but she's not only enough to get it. So we'll add her next year.

Let's see what else? Oh, Buddy the Elf was very naughty last night. He opened our Rice Krispies cereal from on top of the fridge and dumped some of it on the floor and wrote his name in it. Then he sat on top of the tipped over box, gloating at us. That Buddy. Mazy was very impressed with his antics, and so was Bo.

And finally, here are a couple pics from today and yesterday of Mazy's Lego creations that he makes at his after-school program:

This is an Iowa State Cyclone.

On the left is an Arizona Cardinal and on the right is a Green Bay Packers "G".

He did not have a pattern or instructions and just made these on his own. I think they're great!

And here's a pic of sweet little Violet eating her dessert biscuit after supper tonight. Mazy thinks her hands look like a giant's hands. They do look rather large in this photo. She was wearing a new shirt today and new leg warmers. Purple ones, with ruffles and polka dots. So cute! Shawn thinks it looks like she bought some "Wreck It Ralph" gloves. I think she looks adorable!

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