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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Strep Throat, Home Repairs and My Sister Is Back in Iowa!

Forgive my long absence. Again. I tell you, ever since Violet was born I just haven't been blogging as much. But I'll get back on it!

Quick recap:

  • Sunday I took Violet and Mazy to my mother-in-law's house and went to the Nevada Craft Show with her and my niece Tori. My sister-in-law Sandy watch the kids while we shopped. Then we all sewed in the afternoon. Sandy and Belinda helped me tie a quilt for Maddox's Christmas present. It looks good! Shawn and Bo were at home because Bo didn't feel well.
  • Bo still wasn't feeling well on Tuesday so I finally took the poor kid to the doctor and found out he had Strep throat. He's on antibiotics but hasn't been back to school since. He still has a terrible cough, low appetite and not a lot of energy. But he's slowly recovering.
  • Yesterday my sister Heidi and her family officially moved back to Iowa! So excited to have them close again. The moving van arrives tomorrow so they'll begin getting the house organized and put together. I'm excited to see it!
  • Today was the annual Thanksgiving lunch at my work. It's always fun and has lots of great food. It really got me in the mood for the holidays!
  • Tomorrow is Friday. Hooray! It's the annual Holiday Promenade in the East Village. I'm trying to talk Shawn into taking the kids with me to stroll around for an hour or so. It's always such a fun event.
  • Tomorrow is also HANDY MAN Day! I'm very excited -- the quarter round is getting put in the kitchen (we only remodeled the kitchen 4 years ago and painted the quarter round then...), the missing shingles are being replace, and most exciting, we're getting a new front door!!! I can't wait to show you before and after photos. I just know it's going to be fabulous.
We decided to take the family out for supper tonight. Tried a new place that just opened now far from us, Sakura Hibachi Express. Kind of fast-food Japanese. Awesome! They make the sushi fresh while you wait but it is very affordable. The hibachi chicken I ordered was delicious. The restaurant was very clean and the staff was so friendly. We really enjoyed it! Mazy wrote a food review about it. You can read it here

I took a picture of Violet while she was sleeping at the restaurant. She's so darn sweet and cute!!! She's going to be walking soon. It's crazy! This girl is bound and determined to do everything months before her big brothers did it. She crawls at the speed of light. She eats table foods. She drinks from a sippy cup. And now she's standing up and trying to walk! Oh what a little chubby buttercup!

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