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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Start of Something Big

I'm not going to look back on all the posts in which I've so boldly stated, "Hey everybody, we're going to do a bunch of home improvement work this week!" And then when the week was over, very little had been done. Reflecting on past failures is pointless, and frankly, a little depressing. :)

So tonight I will just say that I hope to get some work done this weekend and if and when I do, I shall show you my handiwork.

Shawn and Bo were home today for Bo's final day of recovery. It worked well because the handyman we hired to help with the projects was here all day. The front door proved to be a much, much more difficult project than expected... The losers who originally installed it before we bought the house did it wrong. Like every other project they touched around here. They didn't seal it correctly so water leaked in and rotted a ton of the wood and floor boards. They didn't hang it correctly so it was not plumb (I learned that from one of my clients). And the door opening was crooked!

Anyway, he is nearly finished with the door but must now return to install the quarter round and fix the shingles and finish the door, of course.

But I'm so excited because I ordered a fresh wreath from a coworker's son's fundraiser. It will arrive on Wednesday. I'm going to hang it on the front door with a pretty ribbon! I'm hoping to paint the front stoop in the morning. I want to trim the bushes and rake the leaves. And with luck, our front yard will be looking better than it has in years! I might even get super motivated and hang some Christmas lights this year!

Mazy has a play date tomorrow with his best friend Cooper. That will take place right before and after lunch. We'd talked about going to the Iowa Hall of Fame with him. I've never been there and think it would be fun. It's also the indoor Harvest Farmers Market. Always a fun event to attend as well.

Time to get these boys to bed. Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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