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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nail-Biting Time!

Mazy and I are watching the election results. It's 8:30 CST, and Romney has 152 votes to Obama's 123. Shawn has left the room because Mazy is driving him crazy with his commentary. Frankly, I think Mazy could replace Wolf Blitzer and do just as good of a job. I enjoy his political chatter. He's a sampling:

"Mom, if Romney wins will Legos be more expensive?"

"There's still time for Obama to win, right?"

"Mom, he can still win in Florida! It's so close!"

"Obama's guys are winning in the Senate! That's good, right?!"

"Mom, how many votes is Ohio? How many is Iowa?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Pennsylvania!"

"143!!! He's getting closer!!"

"Yes! Good job!! (to a democratic senator winning in Massachusetts)"

"Yes! Very bad news for Republicans! Very good news for Democrats!"

And on and on and on. He has become very political this year. Even Bo was getting in on the action. He said he voted for Obama at preschool today, and of course Mazy voted for Obama at school. They both went with me to the polls tonight after work/school. They were fighting over my phone most of the time... But at least they got to see the line of people waiting to vote and understand the importance of voting.

Well, back to the results! Go blue states, go!

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