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Friday, November 9, 2012

Musicals, Colds and Quilts

Today was Mazy's mini musical at school — it was based on The Family Feud game show. Mazy played Percussion Enthusiast No. 6. It was actually a very cute musical and well done. I was happily surprised! The kids did an awesome job memorizing all their lines and the four songs they sang. I took photos but wish I would have videotaped it.

I have lots of photos I want to get up, hopefully sometime this weekend.

Tomorrow we're off to Nevada to spend the day. I'm working on quilts that will be Christmas presents. I have four quilt tops finished that need quilted. I'm hoping to get a least two of them tied tomorrow, but that's probably wishful thinking. Hopefully I'll get at least one finished!

Sunday we will be home. Mazy is having a friend over for a couple hours. I think we might take them to the Iowa Hall of Fame -- we've always wanted to go there and it's supposed to be cold and rainy that day.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, is supposed to be in the 70s! Today was beautiful as well. After Mazy's musical, me, Shawn, mom and Mazy went to Buzzard Billy's for lunch. After lunch, Mom and I went shopping at Jo-Ann Fabric. She bought wrapping paper, Christmas ornaments for the grandkids and some scrap booking supplies. I bought the fabric for the backing of my quilts.

Oh! I almost forgot my favorite story of the day. When I picked up Violet from daycare, her teacher told me this:

"Today, Violet was sitting on the floor playing with a toy. Liam, you know Liam, he's much bigger than her. He's 1 and walks. Well, he walked over and took Violet's toy. She looked at him, grabbed a rattle and thumped him on the head with it! He sat down and started crying, but gave her the toy back. I thought, 'You go, girl!'"

Oh it made me laugh to think of sweet, chubby Violet smacking a boy with a rattle. That's my girl!

And finally, everyone in the family seems to be getting a cold. Bo has it the worst -- coughing and headaches. The rest of us have mild sore throats, runny noses, etc. We have contracted every flu bug, cold and virus possible this fall....

Happy weekend, everyone!

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