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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunshine Sunday: Soccer, Chili, Sewing and Antiques!

It's cold today. Like in the 30s or something. And there are a LOT of sporting events happening today in central Iowa. Woke up this morning and the Des Moines Marathon runners were about 50 yards from our driveway. I can't imagine running a marathon in this cold, cold wind! So we just watched them from the boys' bedroom window.

I also had to hunt through plastic totes of winter clothes to find long underwear, thermal shirts and stocking caps so they could play today!

---- Note: As I was typing the previous section, Bo's game ended, he needed to use the bathroom, Shawn was coaching Mazy's game, so Violet and I bundled up, took Bo to the portajohn (yahoo...) and then watched Mazy's game from the sidelines where we were wrapped inside three layers of fleece blankets!

Bo's medal for best sportsmanship of the game! He also scored his team's only two goals!


So it's now Sunday and I never got my Saturday post finished. So I'll just continue it and change the title. :)

It is a rare Sunday at home. We slept in late. Fixed pancakes, bacon, eggs and french toasts for a 11 o'clock brunch. The entire family cleaned the downstairs for one hour (we set a timer so the boys always knew how much time was left). And now we are all relaxing and doing things we enjoy.

Shawn is watching the Packers beats some blue team. Oh, I think it's the Colts.

The boys are on the dining room rug constructing block towers.

Violet is sleeping off her first introduction to pancakes and syrup.

I have been sewing a quilt for my niece Imersyn's Christmas present. Now I am cooking hamburger, stew meat, onions and peppers for tonight's chili and updating my blog.

It's a great day!


  • Crazy busy at work this week. I was up until 3 a.m. Tuesday working on a project. Midnight on Wednesday working on that project. And was at the office until 11:45 p.m. Thursday to finish that project! New business... If you've ever worked at an agency, you know what I mean. If you haven't, well, consider yourself lucky.  :)
  • On Friday, my wonderful boss said to take some time off to make up for the overtime this week, so I didn't question her and left work at 10:30. Mom, Shawn and I went to what could very well become my new favorite flea market in Iowa!! It was in the town of What Cheer -- east of Des Moines about an hour and half drive. First, it was FREEZING on Friday. Seriously cold weather. I had not really dressed for the weather, and it was an outdoor flea market. But, I didn't care. It was so fun!!! If you are a Country Living magazine reader, imagine finally getting to go to one of those Country Flea Markets they are always talking about. It was awesome!!! Antiques and junk everywhere. Here are some photos to give you an idea:
 Mom's awesome new spider!!! Made from the tines of old hay scoops that you found in barns. And a bowling ball head! It's super, super cool.

 One of the stands selling antiques and pumpkins. That's mom in the little red riding coat at the right! 

 Loved these folk art bird houses -- ranging from $10 to $50. Very reasonably priced. 

Another stand selling lots of junk and some antiques. Mom scored an awesome light pink enamel ware tea pot for only $8!

  • Mmmm, the chili is beginning to smell good! I think I'll make some cornbread to go with it and have Grandma Maxine's apple crisp for dessert. What a great Sunday!
Enjoy it everyone! Have a great week and enjoy October!!!!

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