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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Like Father, Like Daughter

Shawn's mom found a photo of him as a baby at about the same age as Violet. He did a comparison of the two of them -- and I have to say, I can definitely see a resemblance! Of course, he had nothing on Violet's cheeks -- I think hers now rival Mazy's! I'll have to dig up his six-month photo and compare. 

Today Shawn bought Vy the cutest Halloween outfit you have ever seen!!! We took pictures of her in it tonight. I think she will wear it to daycare on Friday so I will publish the photos then. It is so, so cute. And of course, we have a pair of coordinating leg warmers to go with it. :)  And thanks to Shawn, we also have a new headband and matching flower to go with it as well. We are a little crazy over our Violet's wardrobe. 

Other than our shopping news, not much else to report. I am working from home on Thursday -- it's the start of Mazy's fall break and I wanted to spend at least one day of it with him. Shawn is coming home for a late lunch so we can take him out for sushi. He has seven school days off. Crazy! I usually work from home the week Mazy's off but due to a crazy work schedule, I won't be able to this year. So he's heading to the farm next week for a couple days, and then joining Shawn at work for the rest of the week. He'll have a great week.

Finally, the weekend forecast is sounding crazy. Thunderstorms and a potential tornado watch on Saturday!! How weird is that. Tornadoes in October?? Just another crazy weather phenomena to add to the 2012 list. I'm bummed that soccer will likely be cancelled. I really enjoy going to the boys' games! OK, time for bed. Have a great Thursday!

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