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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chinese Food and New Shoes

After a harrowing 7-hour meeting at work and a parent/teacher conference with Mazy, I was beat and not looking forward to cooking supper. So Shawn suggested we meet in Ankeny and have Chinese food and then take the boys shoe shopping.

So that's exactly what we did. Only sweet Violet was kind of tired, so Shawn took her home after we ate and I took the boys to Kohl's for new shoes. We found them both a pair that they liked and then decided to go across the street to pick out their Halloween costumes. After much deliberation, Bo chose Wolverine and Mazy opted for Zombie Ninja. We have not decided what Violet will be yet. There is much debate in the household.

Shawn snapped some pics at Saturday's freezing cold soccer games... Thought I'd share a couple:

 Bo is easily spotted because he's in bright red pants and a red/yellow stocking cap.

 They all look highly confused in this pic. I don't know if they were playing or waiting for instructions, or perhaps their brains were numb from the cold.

 The wild man Bo Hanson.

 Player of the game for teamwork! Whoohoo Bo! Look at those rosy cheeks. He joined me and Violet in the van to warm up before going out to watch Mazy's game. 

 I really didn't want to have Violet out in that cold. The wind was brutal. I had a fleece pillowcase that I put her in like a sleeping bag, and then I wrapped a quilt around her, and then I wrapped another fleece blanket around that. Her little cheekers still got chapped.

 Cute little baby -- love her lavender sweater and hat -- a gift from my coworker Hillary.

And of course, she was wearing leg warmers with her ensemble. She really is one of the most stylish girls in Des Moines.  :)

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