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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Two Beautiful Words: Total Remission

That's right, everybody!!!! My mom beat breast cancer!!! She is in total remission and her doctors are amazed, thrilled and incredibly happy to report that her aggressive treatment against an aggressive form of cancer totally worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooohooooooooo!

I talked to Mom tonight on my way home from work. She was scheduled for another round of chemo today -- it was such an aggressive cancer that they wanted her to do three more chemo rounds to finish it off. She is healing very well from her surgery and they decided to postpone the chemo for another week to allow her to finish healing. She said the nurses and doctors were all so happy and excited for her -- I think that's awesome. I'm sure they have to give a lot of bad news so it's always great to have a success story.

Way to go, Mom!!! This is the best news of the year, maybe the decade!

Well, it's impossible to top that news so I won't try. Just a quick update on last night: I took the kids on a walk around the neighborhood and the boys picked up trash for our 9/11 community act. Bo really got into it – Vy's stroller was filled to the brim with trash by the time we got home. Mazy kept worrying that we were lost and that I wouldn't be able to find my way home. Good grief – I reminded him that I have lived in this neighborhood for a decade and can find my way home from anywhere in Des Moines, probably anywhere in Iowa... Oh Mazy.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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