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Monday, September 10, 2012

Flat Tire and Tater Tot Casserole

I was about four minutes into my morning commute with Mazy to drop him off at school when Shawn called and announced his car had a flat tire. So I dropped off Mazy (with two minutes to spare before the bell rang) and went back home to get Shawn, Bo and Violet.

We arrived at preschool/daycare a bit after they'd started their days but not too late. When I took Violet out of her car seat, I smelled something VERY stinky and realized she had an overflowing dirty diaper... Which is a bummer because her outfit today was so cute! Hot pink onesie with her pink/white leg warmers. Then when I went to change her, I realized all we had for back-up clothes was one pair of leggings! Shawn had taken out her clean outfit because he thought it was still dirty from the weekend. I had actually already washed it and returned it to her backpack. But oh well.

So after looking like an idiotic, unprepared parent, Shawn took me to work and then he drove the van and his flat tire to Nevada.

And so began our Monday.

The day went pretty well from there. Shawn picked me up after work and then we picked up all the kids. The boys were so helpful at dinner tonight! Tater tot casserole was on the menu -- yummmm! I love it. Mazy opened the green beans, added the beef, carried the tater tots in from the garage freezer, helped Bo cut mushrooms, stirred our homemade portabella mushroom soup and entertained Violet when needed. What a trooper! Bo helped cut the mushrooms and then he helped me make our strawberry, rhubarb, peach cobbler for dessert. I added chopped hazelnuts to the crumble topping. It was really good.

After supper, Bo was in time out in his room for not eating any supper (he later ate it, but he missed out on the evening's best activity) and Mazy and I took Violet on a walk around the neighborhood. Mazy pushed her stroller. He was so stinking sweet with her. He is truly a wonderful big brother. We had a great chat about life and about finding a new house and about his new room in the new house and about him and me and Violet going on vacations around the world. He's a great kid.

When we returned home, Bo was downstairs and ready to eat his tater tot casserole. After begging and pleading with him to just try it, the little stinker ate an entire bowl for! I believe his phrase was, "This is pretty good, mama!" No kidding, Bo. It's tater tot casserole!!! Best Midwestern casserole there is! :)

OK, I need to go cut ingredients for tomorrow night's crockpot chicken and dumplings. Yes, lots of light meals for our family this week.  :)  What can I say? I'm a farmer's daughter and this time of year brings out the big harvest meals in me!

And finally some pics from our weekend. Have a great week, everyone!

 Our little Cyclones -- all dressed in ISU gear last Friday in anticipation of the big game! Way to go, Cyclones!

 Saturday morning at the state fairgrounds park. Shawn went to the flea market while the kids and I played at the playground.

 Oh look at this sweet, sweet baby! Rest assured, those chubby cheeks are kissed no less than 1,039 times a day. And check out that adorable jean jacket she is sporting. Thank you, Aunt Jean!!! 

 Mazy climbing a tree at the park. It was a great evergreen with ideal branches for climbing.

 This kid -- he's a future GQ cover, I swear. He's a photogenic and handsome little dude. And he's very loving and funny as well.

 Shawn and little smiley Vy!

This was the park I took the kids to on Sunday. We are loving this great autumn weather!!

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