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Saturday, September 15, 2012

McIntosh, Red Free and Jonathan

It is a beautiful weekend in Iowa. Perfect for visiting an apple orchard, which is exactly what we did this morning.

I have lots of photos that I hope to share tomorrow. We had a blast!!! We've been going to this orchard, Center Grove Orchard, for over a decade. They've slowly improved it over the years, but in the last two years, they've gone nuts with additions!! It is such a fun place -- giant super slide down a hill, big bouncy pillow, pedal go-carts, train ride, giant corn pit, the apple sling shot, big bouncy horses, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs, the three little pigs houses, a school house, and so much more! It's really an awesome place for families.

After doing all of the activities, we went into the gift shop and a very nice woman in charge of the fresh apple section allowed the boys to sample each and every apple variety they were selling this weekend. After the taste test, Bo chose a bag of McIntosh, Mazy liked the Red Free and I went with the Jonathans. Mmm, there is nothing like the crunch and juiciness of a fresh autumn apple!

Shawn's parents joined us at the orchard and played with Violet while we took the boys on all the activities. As usual, Violet was a perfect baby. We just can't get over how good she is! She's had a terrible cough and stuffed up nose for two weeks but she is still in the best mood. She wakes up smiling! Oh, she's an absolute joy.

After a couple hours at the orchard, we all went into Ames for lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Now we're at home, watching a movie and playing on the laptop and tablet. I think I could talk those boys into doing ANYTHING if the reward was to play on the tablet...

All right, have a great weekend!

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