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Monday, September 3, 2012

So Long Summer, It's Been Fun

Why do three-day weekends go so quickly?? Seriously, it seems like I blinked and Labor Day weekend was here and gone. Now it's Monday night and I'm wishing we had at least two more days at home to relax, clean and hang out with the kids. Oh well. We packed a lot of fun into our weekend.

Starting with --- my nieces Irelyn and Imersyn's birthday party on Saturday. Irelyn turned 4, she's just a few months younger than Bo, and Imersyn turned 2. Sadly, I did not get any good photos of Imersyn, they were all blurry. I'll try again next time I see her!

After the party we went to hang with my mom at the farm. She is feeling great after her surgery and we had a good time. Dad was combining so we had the place to ourselves. I made ham steaks, cheesy potatoes, corn and salad for supper. Grandpa Keith stopped by for a quick bite between loads of corn. I made enough that I could take some to Grandma Maxine and Grandpa Pud for their Sunday dinner. We visited with them for about an hour. They're both doing well. It's always fun to be at their house. Violet was in a good mood and grinning up a storm at her Great Grandpa Pud.

Sunday we all slept in and had a lazy morning and afternoon before joining Shawn's family at the campgrounds near Nevada. Tomorrow I'll post photos from the boys' camping trip with them. And today I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned! I did seven loads of laundry!! That should tell you something about how long it's been since we did laundry.... Shawn took Violet to Nevada to pick up the boys so I had the house to myself for nearly four hours! Amazing how much I can get done when I am here alone.

In other news:

Violet is 5 months old today!!! Five months! Wow, talk about time flying.... She continues to be the happiest, sweetest, best-natured baby. We just adore our Vy and are so thankful she's here with us.

Also topping the family headlines this evening, Mazy pulled one of his front teeth! He came over and told me it was loose. Then he came over and said he would probably pull it this evening. And then he came over and said, "Watch this!" And there it was. He wrote a note to the tooth fairy and asked if he could keep this tooth. I am sure she will allow it. :)

Isn't he a cute kid? He's growing so fast. Thank goodness for those freckles that will always make him look like a little boy to me!

And now for some pics from Saturday:

 My dad with Violet

 Shawn and Smiley Vy!

 Isn't this the cutest party dress? It was a gift from my cousin Sharon Obrien. We love it! Thanks, Sharon!

Gotta love those big blue eyes!

 Nephew Maddox with Mazy, eating cupcakes on the deck.

 Maddox is such a cutie!

 And speaking of cuties... my cousin Marla is adorable.

And one of the birthday girls: Irelyn looking pretty in purple. 

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