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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cyclops vs. Hawkeye

Bo: Mama, do you think the cyclops will beat Hawkeye and the Green Bay Packers?

Me: Huh?

Bo: Do you think the cyclops will beat Hawkeye?! (growing impatient) And the Green Bay Packers!

Me: Ooohhhh. Do I think the Iowa State CYCLONES will beat the Iowa Hawkeyes? Yes, I definitely do. But I don't know if they will beat the Green Bay Packers.


Apparently the kids at Bo's daycare were talking about the big inner-state rivalry today. And Bo, with his vast knowledge of super hero trivia, confused the issue and thought they were talking about an X-Men and an Avenger. Oh Bo. It took some convincing to assure him that the Iowa State Cyclops are not the bad guys but I think his allegiance is now with ISU. At least I convinced him that a cyclone/tornado is much cooler than a stupid yellow bird. :)

Today is also my sister's birthday. Happy birthday, Heidi!!! Your present is sitting about four feet from me. You can have it to look forward to later this month when we see you.

Also while I am thinking of it, I forgot to tell you that Shawn bought me flowers yesterday. And I thought that was very sweet and kind of him. And he bought them after taking all three children to WALMART in the middle of the afternoon on a holiday! I won't go to Walmart at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday, let alone on a peak shopping day like yesterday!

And here's one more interesting tidbit, our TV has not been on for one moment tonight! That's pretty good for us. We are cracking down on TV time around here, for all of us. The boys did chores after school, helped clean up supper, took baths and then went to bed early. Violet did the same, minus the chores. She and I read several books tonight and I made her laugh with my farm animal sounds, especially the pig snort. It's pretty good.

I'm on my work laptop, not my personal one so I don't have access to my camping photos from the weekend. I will share them tomorrow night instead. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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