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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Morning Madness

Gotta make this quick, I am officially a "soccer mom" today... Good grief, do you know how many soccer mom jokes I have made over the years? Oh well, Violet and I will be the best cheerers on the sideline!

Shawn and Bo are already at soccer. Bo's game starts at 10:30 and Mazy plays at 11:45. Once soccer is over, we're running home to change clothes and head to the annual Harvest Party at the Knapp farm in Linden. My dear, dear childhood friend Brenda and her two beautiful daughters are back for the event so I just can't wait to see her! Her daughters are about Bo's age and Violet's age. And they speak Japanese! Maybe the boys will pick up a few words.

After the harvest party, we're heading to the farm. Dad is at a cattle sale this weekend so Mom invited Mazy and Bo to spend the night and watch Harry Potter movies and kick off the extremely fun month of October! They are both SUPER excited for a night at the farm.

I'm hoping to get some sewing done tonight. I have 24 blocks made for Bo's quilt and just need to sew them all together now. I might be able to do that tonight. Then I'll add two borders and it will be ready for the quilt machine!

Tomorrow I am taking my mother-in-law out for lunch and then to the craft show at the fairgrounds. Her birthday is next Friday. Lunch and shopping has become a tradition for us! Shawn will likely stay home with his dad and Violet.

Gotta run!

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