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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mid-Week Update

The good news is that the new tablet and laptop aren't quite so shiny and exciting as they were, so I have not been using them as much. The bad news is I have started sewing again so each night after the kids are in bed I head to the basement to work on Christmas presents. Which means I still am not blogging all that often...

Last night we ate supper and took the kids to the Downtown School annual picnic at Union Park. It was a beautiful night and very festive. Bo had a meltdown on the carousel because a big kid beat him to the Pirate Kitty.... I swear, that Pirate Kitty has created more drama in my life than the two real cats that live with me. Mazy complained when we said it was time to leave and claimed he did not have time to have any fun... Boys.

Mazy also lost his other top front tooth yesterday. He really looks cute with four missing front teeth!

Anyway, I've sewn each boy a fun messenger bag that they can use to pack books and small toys for car rides. Mazy's is made from a funky Superman comic book panel fabric and Bo's is an equally funky retro wrestling fabric. I think they will like them. Last night I began sewing a quilt for Bo -- bright blues, reds, yellows and greens. Cars and lightning bolts. It's not quite a twin size so he can either use it on his bed or curl up under it when he's watching Curious George episodes. His quilt should come together very quickly. Once it's finished, I'll start on gifts for nieces and nephews. And then I can start sewing for Violet's future room!

Not much else is happening this week. Mazy has a culminating event on Friday -- that means a presentation for parents and family members at his school. I believe his topic is: zebra butterflies. I always enjoy his presentations. I'm also looking forward to watching the boys play soccer on Saturday morning! Violet and I will sit with the other parents and watch Coach Hanson lead his teams to victory! Or at least a few goals.

Back to my sewing. Have a great Thursday, everyone!

Oh, and I almost forgot!!! Congratulations to my cousin Jordan and her husband Bryan on the birth of their beautiful, beautiful baby girl Madeline!! She has a full head of black hair and is the prettiest baby! So excited for them and the rest of their families!

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