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Monday, September 24, 2012

Grandpa Pud's 89th Birthday Bash

You can tell the weeks when I'm working overtime! Sorry for being so quiet last week. Hopefully I will do better this week. Mainly I want to share some photos from the weekend. I'll comment on any that need explanations.

Looking ahead, we have the annual Downtown School picnic tomorrow night at Union Park. Free carousel rides for all! Mazy does not have school on Wednesday for a teacher in-service day. Mazy has a culminating event presentation on Friday afternoon. Mazy and Bo started soccer last Saturday. They have games this Saturday. Shawn is coaching. Both of their teams. Because I signed him up. Without asking. :) Saturday is the harvest party at my dear friend Brenda's family farm. And I think that's about it. Have a great week!

 Last Friday was picture day at Mazy's school, Bo's preschool and Violet's daycare! I snapped one pic of them in the morning. Violet's pumpkin sweater dress is SO cute!

 Last Saturday was Grandpa Pud's 89th birthday. In attendance: his wife, two daughters, one son-in-law, all six grandkids, three grandkids-in-law and all nine great-grandkids. Unfortunately, we did not get a single family photo!! This is a random shot of my nephew Hudson.

 Nieces Irelyn and Imersyn -- with the fairy wands we got them for their birthdays!

 OK, this was the best part of Grandpa's birthday bash -- the potato slingshot!!! I got the idea from the apple orchard and their apple slingshot. Like at work, I have the big ideas and make others figure them out. In this case, the "others" was Shawn. He ordered two slingshots and then printed off these awesome Japanese WWII airplane pictures that we used for targets. Perfect for an ol' WWII Navy vet like Grandpa!

 I don't know if you can see, but this photo is of Shawn using a hatchet to chop up the potatoes. There is a roll of duct tape in case he missed and got a finger... Luckily, he did not miss. 

 Grandpa Pud helping great-granddaughter Theron pull back the slingshot.

 Mazy, Bo and nephew Kael taking turns with the slingshots. Bo was more excited than I have seen him in a long time! And that's really saying something!

 More muscle from Grandpa Pud!

 Here's what the targets looked like. We hit them quite a few times. I predict the slingshots will become a favorite farm activity...

Blowing out the candle on his homemade chocolate cake with Grandma Maxine's fudge frosting! What a great day and a great Grandpa!

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