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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Time for Bed, More Tomorrow

Sorry I didn't get photos posted today -- busy with the consignment sale! I have 130 items we're taking to the sale! Whoohooo! That may not seem like much but when you see them all together -- it's like an entire closet-full! I hope a lot of it sells -- the boys and I are saving for our fall family vacation! We're thinking about Kansas City but we also have a niece up in Minneapolis now, so that could be an option too!

So it's 11:45 and I need to switch laundry and get to bed. The corn feed last night was fun, fun, fun! Beautiful weather and a great turnout. Violet was a hit! Of course. How can that chubby-cheeker be anything but?  :)

Oh, and Grandma Betty's chocolate cake was a huge success too!!! I had forgotten how moist and wonderful that cake is. And the boiled frosting is KILLER! So delicious! I will make it again soon. I also took lots of photos of making it so I can one day make a legacy cookbook with all my favorite family recipes.

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