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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sorry, Still Behind!

Yikes! I have so many photos to download and get up! But it didn't happen tonight. I worked on a really exciting project for a couple hours after putting the kids to bed. Good ol' Shawn took all our 130 clothing items to the consignment sale tonight. And then he stopped at QT and bought me some coconut M&Ms. He's so thoughtful!

The early bird sale begins tomorrow morning at HyVee Hall in Vets Auditorium. I'm hoping a lot of our stuff sells so we can have some fall vacation money! We are leaning toward Minneapolis now, so we can visit our niece Becca who recently moved there for her first nursing job. Way to go, Becca! But Kansas City has many attractions, too, and we could hang with my sister and her family. So I don't know what we'll do yet. 

Busy week ahead. I'm taking a half-day of vacation on Thursday to take the boys to the Iowa State Fair. It's opening day and there are free admission tickets for that day so I predict it will be very crowded. Plus, it's supposed to be 81 degrees!! 81 degrees! I had to repeat that because it's so hard to believe. I figured the fair would literally be 114 degrees this year. 

Mazy wrote a new food blog tonight. Be sure you check it out here. And if you live near Perry, Iowa, you should go to the El Salvadoran restaurant there. It sounds awesome! At least, according to Mazy and Shawn. 

And then this weekend, I'm taking the boys to the hotel/waterpark on Sunday night to celebrate the last of summer vacation. Shawn and Violet will probably come swim with us but then go back home to spend the night. The boys and I will stay there and then I have Monday off work to either take them to the fair or maybe the zoo or whatever we feel like. 

OK, it's midnight and I need to get some sleep. I'll try for photos tomorrow!

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