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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Afternoon with Bo and Violet

I tell you, being the mother of a successful food blogger is not easy... By the time I get his photos prepped and loaded on the site, and then type his review, and then get it published, there's no time left for my blog!

Oh well, he's enjoying doing it. Today he wrote his first guest blog post for another blog! He'll be on Two Chicks from the Sticks website sometime soon.

So, to catch you up:

1. Thursday the boys, mom, nephew Kael and I went to opening day of the Iowa State Fair. The weather was AWESOME. It was not crowded at all. A guy in a golf cart gave us a ride from our car all the way to the main concourse. The boys were very well behaved. And it was just an all-around fabulous time! I'm so glad my mom got to go to the state fair this year like she wanted!

2. I finally watched The Hunger Games movie last night. Hooray! It was very good. I had just finished rereading all the books so it was fun to see who they picked for the characters. Shawn took the boys to the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. They enjoyed it, but said it wasn't as good as the second movie.

3. Tomorrow afternoon the boys and I will check into the Ramada Hotel with the big indoor waterpark and we'll have a big end-of-summer slumber party! Shawn and Violet will join us for a few hours, and then I also have Monday off to do something fun with them.

4. Mazy starts school next Wednesday. He received a letter today from his new teacher. She will be on maternity leave until September 10 so a substitue will start off the year. His class is looking for caterpillars. If you see any, call. :)

And finally, a few photos from this afternoon in the backyard with Vy and Bo:

I love the way Bo is holding her head to kiss her. If you could see the dirt under his nails... Hahah, I love dirt and little boys and girls! 

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