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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunshine Sunday: Corn Feed Recap

There's no sunshine on this Sunday but it's still a beautiful day out. I think it rained a little this morning. Not enough to amount to much.

I made a weekly meal plan last night, including some good items for Mazy to eat before school, which starts on Wednesday. So Bo and I went shopping this morning. It was an expensive trip but worth it to have suppers, lunches and breakfasts planned for us.

We've just finished lunch and now it's naps all around before we leave for the waterpark this afternoon. I'm looking forward to it. Mom might meet us at the hotel tomorrow at 11 and ride to Ames with us. We'll pick up Violet from Shawn's work and then take the gang to the Lego exhibit at Reiman Gardens. I've been wanting to go to Reiman for the last few years so this will be great.

OK, and now a bunch of photos from last Saturday's annual Hanson Family Corn Feed in Nevada:

 Belinda's famous chicken and noodles

 The big pot of sweet corn and ring bologna from the Stanhope Locker

 Shawn pretending to be working  :)

 Mrs. and Mr. Corn Feed -- Denise and Mark, they pretty much do all the cooking and set up

Our niece Becca with Violet (who was wearing a pretty new purple outfit that Daddy found her)

 Aunt Denise and Violet

 Violet and cousin Nick

 A small sampling from the buffet line. Everyone brings a dish to share -- ranging from cold salads, deviled eggs, fresh fruit to jello, baked beans and tater tot casserole.

 This is dessert tent -- it's very popular!

More from the dessert table. That's Grandma Betty's chocolate cake recipe in the red/white polka dot dish. It turned out really great!! We brought one piece home. 

 This is what their entire yard looks like on the night of the corn feed -- there are lots more tables not shown in this picture.

And this is the buffet line. You start with your corn and bologna and then keep walking down the line until your plate is full! 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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