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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunshine Sunday -- Quiet Weekend at Home

We had a great weekend. For one thing, we were home for most of it! I love it when that happens. Well, we weren't home ALL weekend but the majority of it.

Shawn took the boys to Nevada on Saturday morning for the Lincoln Highway Days parade. We had wanted the entire family to go, but Violet had a fever and was recovering from her 4-mos. vaccines on Friday. Poor girl. She doesn't react well to all the vaccination shots. She always gets a fever and is very unhappy for about a day and a half.

By late afternoon, her fever was gone and she seemed much happier. So we decided we could all go to an early dinner with my brother Troy and his family. We met them at a place called The Chicken Coop -- out in Waukee or maybe Grimes. I'm not sure which city claims it. It was good though. They are famous for their chicken wings. So we got a bunch of wings and pizza to share. It was fun. The boys were well behaved, which always helps.

Violet was wearing her new Iowa State outfit from Grandma Belinda. It is so freaking cute! Fortunately, her new leg warmers happened to arrive in the mail moments before we left for supper, so after we took this picture I put her new football legwarmers on. It is SO CUTE!!!! Four new pair of leg warmers arrived and I'm so excited for cooler fall days so we can dress her in them. Yes, I might be a little obsessed with leg warmers for Violet.

Today I took Bo shopping for new jeans. For me! That's right, that sweet Bo offered to go to the mall with me to buy new jeans. He was so good, too. He picked out a t-shirt for him, and for Mazy. He picked out an outfit for Violet, too, but it was very similar to another outfit she already has so I convinced him to put it back. Then we had lunch at the food court. It was so fun to have Bo by himself. On the way  home, we stopped at Dairy Queen for small ice cream cones. But don't tell Shawn and Mazy. They don't know. :)

For the week ahead, not a lot of big plans. Mom has her surgery on Tuesday. I'll work until noon and then go to Mercy Hospital. Surgery should start at 12 or 1. I might take Violet with me, not sure. The surgery is supposed to last about three hours. They think she will be in the hospital for one night, but maybe two. I'll keep you informed.

Have a great week!

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