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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Technology and Toys

So clearly I have not been doing a lot of blog entries lately and I blame technology. This summer, our family has upgraded our technology in many fun and time-wasting ways.

It all started in June when I bought a used MacBook laptop computer from my work. Then we installed a wireless connector. Suddenly, I was able to sit on the couch, watch cooking shows while also shopping online for cute clothes for Violet. It was exciting times.

Then I bought a used, flat-screen monitor, also from my work, for Shawn's PC. He and the boys enjoyed the larger screen for flinging Angry Birds at green pigs... A game I understand but don't particularly enjoy as much as they do.

Then a BIG technology advancement was made. Shawn got a smart phone. After several years of going to thrift shops and garage sales and wondering how much certain items were selling for on eBay, but having no way to find out (other than calling his wife and annoying her by making her stop what she was doing and look it up for him) Shawn finally decided to get a phone that gave him immediate access to ebay, the latest Angry Bird games and most importantly, instant messaging access with his wonderful wife. Now I can send him instant grocery lists all the time!

But that's not even all! This week, oh did that husband of mine outdo himself this time... This week Shawn surprised me with an early anniversary present -- my very own Samsun Galaxy tablet!!! If you're not tech-savvy, a tablet is like an iPad -- a little bitty computer that does pretty much everything a big computer does. Mine is white and pretty and came with it's own little bitty keyboard you can plug in and use! It's so cute and so fun. But I made a very, very firm rule: No Angry Birds on mama's tablet!

The boys are still trying to change my mind but I told them they can only use the tablet when I am sitting beside them and then only to play educational math and reading games. What can I say, I'm not good at sharing. :)

So that's why I haven't been on the blog much lately. Plus, not a whole lot has been happening. Well that's not true, Violet started daycare on Monday. Bo started preschool on Monday. They are now both going to the same place that's in a new location in downtown Des Moines. It's great. Violet is doing well at daycare. She is the most beautiful, most entertaining, most wonderful baby there. Or so we think. But we might be a teeny bit biased.


  1. What? With all that technology, I expect posts every day! :) I have Rocky's old phone, which P used to play Angry Birds on, so he still gets to play it on mine. But not before 7 a.m. :) I'll have to make a new rule when I get my own phone. Let's do lunch soon.

  2. Wow - it has been a big upswing in your family. New baby girl - plus new technology. I know hate to admit how much we use our iphones and ipad. So, thinking of getting Logan some sort of tablet for her birthday...she already has an ipod touch 2 which she loves and does great on. Exactly the same as iphone, but not a phone and only works on no extra monthly charge. Tell me about you new tablet....

    and yes I agree she's probably the most wonderful baby at her daycare. I took Sam to story hour at the library this week, which he and I both loved....and I told Cody he was the cutest child there also. I guess our family just has the most wonderful offspring. Headed to Baton Rouge this weekend to see Jordan and Bryan and pat Madeline through J's stomach!