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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Breast Cancer, Labor Day and Daycare Parents

Oh dear. My poor blog is suffering dreadfully these days. Not only am I not blogging, but I'm also not taking any photos! I haven't taken a photo of Violet ALL WEEK! Jeez, I'm slipping.

So, quick recap on our lives:

1. Mom had her surgery on Tuesday. She went home from the hospital today and reports that she's sore but feeling good. I told her I was making her a local celebrity with updates about her on Facebook, but she wasn't very impressed. She does not like to be the topic of news. But I told her that's just too bad -- people are interested and like to know how she's doing.

2. Some idiot parent at daycare brought in their sick baby who was hacking and feverish and now our poor Violet has a raspy cough tonight. Turns out the sick baby had a double ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. I don't like to judge other parents (usually) but people, come on, keep that poor baby at home where they can sleep and recover, and my sweet Violet will not be exposed to their germs.

3. It's almost Labor Day weekend! Holy cow, where did summer go?? I can't believe it's nearly fall already. Time just flies by at an amazing rate. Hope you all have a great three-day weekend planned!

We have our nieces' birthday party on Saturday -- Irelyn turns 4 and Imersyn turns 2. We'll hang out at the farm for a little while if my mom is up for company. Don't worry, we will not take Violet if she is sick. Don't want to give Grandma Katy anything else to deal with right now!

Sunday we're taking the boys to Hickory Grove campsite that's east of Nevada. They'll spend the night with Shawn's parents. Their cousin Tori has offered to sleep with them in a tent, but so far the boys are much more excited at the idea of sleeping in the camper. Hopefully this hot weather will go away before their campout.

I continue to love my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 -- that's my new tablet's official name. It's smaller than an iPad, but much bigger than a smartphone. I guess it's about the size of a Kindle or Nook. Mine came with a mini keyboard, which I haven't tried out yet. Shawn just ordered me a fancy red leather case for it that should arrive tomorrow. And I have stuck to my plan to only download "educational" games and apps for the boys. There's a cool letter game and drawing app for Bo. A scientific maze game for Mazy. And Scramble with Friends, Angry Words and Scrabble with Friends for me and Shawn. Much to my dismay, Shawn beats me most of the time. But I did beat him in Scrabble last night and it was awesome.

And finally, my parting thoughts are a Bo quote from tonight: "Mama, babies are not for sneezing on."

Words to live by.


  1. Hope you have a great at the party also. We are leaving for Nashville in the next hour or so. We are meeting our friends the O'Neils. Monday is our 35th wedding anniversary, finally we can go places! Really feel bad leaving Logan on a 3 day wknd - but she will survive. We shopped for birthday stuff yesterday - will feed everyone lunch at the seed Wednesday. Wednesday night will take the group home girls out..maybe bowling..maybe dinner. Don't know for sure yet.

    have a good weekend - give you Mom a hug for me.

  2. oh yea..Doug and I play words with friends. I am Cindychew and he is makepurty. Yea - his name is for his career.