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Thursday, July 12, 2012

We're Going to Kansas City

First and foremost, the good news of today!

Mom is beating that cancer! Whoohoo! She went in yesterday for her fourth chemo treatment, but the chemo has been working so well and has shrunk the tumor so much that she didn't have to have it! That is fantastic! So now she is awaiting the date of her surgery and after that, she will have a few more rounds of chemo. And after that, we will say adios to her breast cancer!

No chemo this week means no need to stay home and recuperate. Soooo, guess who's going to Kansas City with me and Bo?! Yep, Mom will be joining us. And just for the heck of it, we're taking Violet, too. But now I think that Shawn might be getting the best deal for this weekend... :)

We're going to leave tomorrow after work and come home Sunday morning. On the agenda: the Kansas City Aquarium and LegoLand and lots of swimming. It's going to be blazing hot down there so the goal is to keep cool and have fun. Violet and I are going to stay in a hotel both nights -- I might see if Mazy wants to join us for one of them. I think everyone will sleep better that way.

Well, I have more packing to do and the house is a disaster. I told Shawn we'd clean it up tonight so he can enjoy his weekend. As promised, a few photos from last night's picnic at the park with Kortney, Porter and Anna, and a couple pics of tonight. Violet is wearing one of my new favorite outfits of hers -- the polka dotted bubble romper from my dear cousin Jordan! It's the sweetest thing!

 Cute Porter on the Tiger! He was born the same summer as Bo.

 Darling little Anna -- she's 9 mos. old.

 I liked this pic of Bo (and Porter in the background) climbing off the animals. For little guys, they did it like experts!

 Violet in her bubble romper!

 Always smiling when Daddy is around!

King of the House Bo chillin in the recliner, playing with a toy and watching Curious George.


  1. I had been thinking about your mom and I feel badly that I didn't ask last night. This is great news! So happy for you all. Those are great pics. Anna - can you say grumpy old man? That expression and those little wisps of hair sticking out. :) I love the boys climbing on the animals, too. Enjoy KC.

  2. Go Katie! No doubts that she is kicking C-word in the A-word - way to go!