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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's 100 degrees, Let's Cook a Ham!

I don't know what I was thinking when I thawed a big bone-in ham last night. Now I have to cook that sucker for several hours, heating up the house and filling our home with the scent of a pork air freshener. Oh well. We will have plenty of ham for the rest of the week.

So, my apologies for the long delay in writing. It's been a busy week. My sister took Mazy back to Overland Park, KS, with her last Wednesday. I took Bo, Violet and my mom down on Friday night after work. I decided to get a hotel room for me, Violet and Mazy, allowing Bo and my mom to share my sister's guest room. The hotel was awesome! Only $74/night and it was huge! It had a big living room with a flatscreen TV and fireplace, a small dining room, a full kitchen (stove, dishwasher, everything!), a big whirlpool bathtub and a big bedroom with a big flatscreen TV as well. And a really nice outdoor pool. My brother-in-law snagged me the corporate rate -- thanks, Steve!

I'll download photos tonight and get some posted tomorrow. So I'll wait to tell you about the trip then. It was fun, and pretty relaxing. Violet is an AWESOME traveling baby! She was so happy and good for both of the 4+-hour car rides.

We've been Skyping with Mazy each night -- that's fun. He's having a great time in KC with his cousins, Theron and Hudson. I am anxious to see him Thursday night though, when he returns home!

Bo is enjoying being King of the House. His only demands as king are to watch two episodes of Curious George each night as we make supper.

Shawn and Violet will be home tomorrow, enjoying each others company. Now, we are off to convert the boys' single beds into a bunk bed. Violet is moving in soon!


  1. That's funny about the ham. Have you ever cooked one in a slow cooker? Glad KC was fun - it's so good for Mazy and the rest of you. That is AWESOME about your Mom - need to call her. That is great news! When is surgery?

    Look forward to pics

  2. I have cooked hams in the crockpot, but this one was huge and wouldn't fit! But it sure tasted good tonight with baked potatoes and green beans. Anxious to see Mazy tomorrow night! I already have two movies planned for our movie night on Friday. Mom has another appointment a week from today and that's when they will decide about surgery and schedule it.