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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Adventures in Overland Park, KS

Let me tell you about our latest adventure in Overland Park at my sister's house through some of my favorite photos from the past weekend:

 Every photo session these days begins with sweet Violet. :) This is the first time she's worn this little polka-dotted number from my sister-in-law Denise. It was adorable.

 Serious baby contemplates life.

 This was the living room of the hotel room at Hawthorne Suites in Overland Park. It was 100 degrees out so we didn't use that fireplace. 

 Here's the rest of the hotel room -- wasn't it big and spacious for only $74/night! Of course, there was a colony of ants living inside the microwave motor. Every time I made popcorn or heated water, I ended up zapping ants. It was kind of disconcerting... 

 The line for Lego Land and the new Sea Life Aquarium was about 50 people deep at 5 p.m.... It was hot, and admission was pretty expensive so we told the kids "sorry, maybe next time!" As you can imagine, they were not thrilled with this change in plans. So we dragged their whining butts across the street to the Hallmark Crown Center Mall. It had a free dinosaur exhibit that they all really liked. Above, Bo riding the baby triceratops.

Theron and Mazy crawling through a prehistoric cave at the exhibit.

 This was the closest we got to Legos. This conductor was inside the mall, across the street from Lego Land. I think he was mocking us...

 In the mall, we took them to an overpriced toy store and let them all pick out a $10ish toy. Hudson picked this fun giraffe! Isn't this a great picture of that little monkey!

 Theron, Bo and Mazy all bigged a Toy Toobe -- a small plastic tube filled with a dozen miniatures. Theron picked the "pets" toobe that had a cat, dog, ferret, parrot, etc.

 Bo picked the "boats" toobe that had 11 different styles of boats and a scuba diver. Mazy picked the "mythical creatures" toobe that had a mermaid, griffing, phoenix, goat man, etc.

That's the new Lego Land and Sea Life Aquarium that we didn't go to. We will take the kids back this fall during Mazy's fall break when all the Kansas kids will be in school. 

Other highlights of the weekend:
  • My first trip to Price Chopper with my sister. I've always liked that name for a grocery store, but it was kind of disappointing. No giant knives chopping prices anywhere to be seen.
  • My mom kept giving Bo drinks in the car. On Sunday, we stopped FOUR times for bathroom breaks before leaving Missouri! It was crazy. I banned him from liquid for the rest of the trip, including lunch.
  • We stopped for lunch at the Amish Maid-Rite in Lamoni. I managed to spill a large glass of ice tea all over me, Violet, the table and floor. Their young employees were incredibly nice and courteous about it, and cleaned it all up. They also told me many times how cute Violet was, so I will be giving them my business every time we pass Lamoni.  :)
  • It was really fun staying at the hotel room with Mazy and Violet! We stayed up really, really late and slept in each morning. Mazy was totally excited about the "sleepy couch" and couldn't wait to get it set up each night. 
  • There was a really nice pool at the hotel and I finally was able to see the result of Mazy's two-week swim class. He can swim! He really can! And he can dive, and do the back stroke. It was awesome!! I would have taken my camera but I was holding Violet the entire time. Everyone at the pool was talking about her -- baby girl gets a lot of attention with that red hair and chubby cheeks!

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