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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bo Is 'King of the House'

I picked up Mazy from daycamp at 11:45 and then met my sister and her kids in West Des Moines for a quick Mexican lunch. Then I said adios to Mazy and thanked my sister for inviting him to stay with them for 10 days.

And then I called Shawn and said that I was going to Kansas City this weekend to visit.  :)

What can I say? Ten days is too long! That boy needs his mama. OK, OK, it's probably more accurate to say this mama needs her boy. :)  But I also need a little getaway trip and this is the perfect occasion to get out of town for a night. I think I will take Bo with me early Saturday morning and we'll come home on Sunday. Shawn and Violet can have some bonding time together. And Mazy will have a nice family fix halfway through his trip. I think it is the perfect solution.

Shawn thinks I am crazy. What do you think?

In other news, Bo, Violet and I met my good friend Kortney and her adorable children, Porter and Anna, at the Heritage Carousel tonight. We had a picnic in the shade -- the weather was beautiful! -- and then the boys rode the carousel four times. It was Wacky Wednesday -- buy one ride, get one free. After the carousel, Bo introduced Porter to The Rocket Slide! It is every boy's dream playground equipment. They had a blast on it. Kortney and I had a great chat. Violet and Anna were happy and cuddly. A perfect evening. Thanks, Kortney, Porter and Anna! I took a few photos that I'll try to get posted tomorrow.

Oh, and Shawn installed a web cam and microphone tonight so we can Skype with Mazy while he's in Kansas City. So if you have a desire to Skype with us, just let me know!

And finally, while listening to his bedtime stories, Bo interrupted me and asked if Mazy was coming home. And I said that he would not be home for 10 days. Bo thought about this for a minute and said, "Am I king of the house?" And I said, "Yes, Bo, you are. What does a king do?" He thought for awhile and said, "Eat more cookies and maybe some suckers?" Ahh yes, it's good to be king.


  1. You are too sweet. We had a great time tonight. So happy to finally meet Violet. She's even more beautiful in person!

  2. I'm liking Bo being King of the House...being that middle child, second son...he deserves this. I say YES go to KC with Bo - let Shawn have a father/daughter weekend..and enjoy it all! About those traffic rule - do tell!!!!

  3. Well, I have no idea what traffic rules Mazy was talking about. I can assure you, I follow the laws quite faithfully. :) Tonight when we were skyping with him he also reported that Aunt Heidi never cusses when she drives... Clearly my sister is far too passive of a driver. :)