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Monday, July 9, 2012

10 Days without My Mazy

I know he's bound to grow up and leave the nest, but watching Mazy get older and wiser and less dependent on me is so hard. He will always be my sweet Mazy Man, devoted mama's boy and the pleaser of the family.

All summer we have been planning to send him down to my sister's house in Kansas City for the week of July 16 -- next week. Up until today, I was planning on driving him down this weekend, and then my sister would bring him home on Friday, July 20, when they return to Iowa for a class reunion.

But my sister is in Iowa now, and is returning to Kansas City on Wednesday. So today she called and asked if I wanted to send Mazy down with her a few days early. My initial thought was, "No way! Ten days is much too long for him to be away from us!" But then I thought I should at least talk it over with Shawn and see what he thought. His response was, "Do you think you can be away from him for 10 days?" And I replied, "Do you think HE can stand to be away from ME for 10 days?" We decided to ask Mazy and see what he thought.

Well, according to Mazy, yes, he can live without his mama for 10 days...Quite easily, in fact. His exact words were, "Well, I've lived with you for a long time. I think it's time for me to experience my other family members."

So he is leaving for Kansas City around noon on Wednesday. We discussed it tonight during dinner. Bo said, "Mazy I'm going to miss you!" (Bo is so sweet. He also complimented my haircut tonight, before either his brother or father noticed that I had it cut... He is really a very observant and kind child. But I digress.) And Mazy replied, "Oh brother... Bo I'm not going for that long! But you will miss me and you won't have anyone to play with and nothing to do. You will be so bored and sad but I will be having fun." (Gee, did I say he was the nice one?)  :)

I told Bo that he could watch as much Curious George as he wanted when Mazy was gone, and that he could play computer games, and go shopping with Daddy, and I would take him to a movie, and maybe out to the farm for a visit, and we'd do lots of fun things together.

So now, the only question is: can Mazy survive 10 days without his sweet baby sister Violet?! That will be his challenge. I foresee many nights of skyping with her and sending him photos. Speaking of that, I need to get some care packages ready to mail! Have a great Tuesday all!

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