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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunshine Sunday -- Little Bitty Shoes

Yes, I know that size 1 infant shoes are perhaps the biggest waste of money and materials on the planet. But.... How could I resist these adorable little shoes for Violet?? Aren't they cute! And only $6 -- Mazy broke his sandals yesterday and we bought him new ones and there was a buy-one, get-one 50% off deal. So Violet got her first pair of shoes!

 Violet chewing on her dishtowel this morning.

After cleaning house and catching up on laundry yesterday, I took the boys to "Brave". We liked it -- me probably more than them. But they were pretty well behaved and never complained. It's the first movie I've been to since "Chipwrecked"... Clearly I need to get out more often.

Shawn is off thrifting this morning. For awhile it was just me and Violet enjoying a quiet Sunday morning, as the boys slept in until 9:15! Looks like a cloudy day out there. Here's hoping for some rain today! We might haul the kids off to the farm for lunch. Not sure yet. I think I'll make a fresh peach pie this morning and maybe some peach muffins. Shawn's mom sent us a big bag of fresh peaches! Perfect timing as we had just eaten the last of ours. 

And finally, a couple more pics from this 4th of July holiday week:

 Bo eating a raspberry sorbet ice cream cone.

 My sister Heidi feeding our nephew Maddox a cake pop!

 Grandma Maxine feeding Maddox a bottle -- to wash down that cake pop. 

This is Twinkie 2, one of our cats. She follows me everywhere and is always underfoot but she is a loyal friend. And she lets Bo pick her up by the tail.


  1. Love the shoes!! Looked like a great time...tell Heidi and kids hello! Miss seeing them. Will they be home for Lake Panorama Days? I wish I was coming later to be able to go to the fair - but will be 1/2 there in STL for Dave's 40th class reunion, so will just spend that week in Iowa. Gosh that's only in a couple of weeks! Hugs to all. Aunt C

  2. Hey Cindy! I don't know when Heidi is planning to be back in August. They're here a ton in July for both of their 20th class reunions. I think the Hanson family annual corn feed is the same Saturday as Panorama Days. But maybe I will get to take the kids to the parade at least. Anyway, we'll find a time to see you!