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Friday, July 6, 2012

Fabulous 4th of July Photos!

Oh sweet Friday, how I love you so. Work was easy today -- very few people in the office so I got a lot accomplished and went to lunch with two fun coworkers. Shawn DVR'd the movie, Zathura, for tonight's Movie Night selection. It was really good! Both boys liked it, although the lizard aliens kind of scared boy.

Don't know what our weekend plans will be. Tomorrow we're working on the house and staying cool. The 80/35 music festival is going on today and tomorrow. If it was cooler out, I'd take the boys over to hear the music and enjoy the crowd. But it is most definitely not cool out so we will not be doing that this year. I am planning to take the boys to a matinee showing of "Brave" tomorrow afternoon.

So now on to the photos! Special thanks to Aunt Jean and Uncle Doug for hosting the party at their house. It was SO MUCH fun! I love parties at their house because we don't have to drive far and their house is very kid-friendly with a gigantic backyard, a trampoline, a big playset and a hose -- everything you need to keep kids entertained on a hot, hot afternoon!

 Look at the fancy 4th of July cake pops that we made! Bo and Mazy helped me decorate them. Violet supplied the sassy bow and band for the vase. 

 My mom looking sassy in her head scarf!

 My brother Troy rolling his son Kael in a gigantic ball. Keep in mind it was literally 101 degrees out that afternoon... 

 Fun in the trampoline!

 Me and sweet baby Violet! 

 My husband: King Firework or the Pyro King or Mr. Boom!

Don't worry, nothing was going to explode. They're just watching those snake things grow.

 Shawn asked me to take a picture of Bo's shoes -- note the sandwich bags we used to keep his socks dry because he left his shoes in the path of the garden hose...

 At about 10 p.m., the kids decided they were STARVING! I have never seen five children put away so much fried chicken and rice krispie treats!

 Violet and Shawn

Doug and Jean feeding the kids!
Troy and my nephew Maddox


  1. That looked like so much fun! What a great place for the kids to all the adults were worn out after the day! After keeping Sam for a few days, I told Dave - I don't know how Doug and Jean do it. They have had Marla since she was Sam's age..what a daunting job. And Marla loves nothing better than other kids and activities. My hat goes off to them! Stay's just crazy how hot the midwest is. We're used to it - but we have been cooler than you guys. Have a great weekend. I think I'm going to go see the movie "People Like Us" Dave is passing..but I'm not in the mood for any violence, drug wars, spider man etc...not my cup of tea. I may take Logan to see Madea in the witness protection plan Sunday afternoon. She LOVES Madea movies - owns them all! Stay cool and hugs to all. love, Aunt C
    Oh yea - your Mom looks good! I called Kevin this week checking. I just hate to call Kate incase she's resting, but he said to do it.

  2. It's a good weekend to be at the movies! The boys and I just got back from "Brave". It was good. I might have liked it better than then, but they still sat through it without talking or complaining, so that's always a plus. I might take all the kids to the farm tomorrow for some swimming. Heidi and the kids are there until Wednesday. Stay cool!

  3. You and Violet look gorgeous in that picture!

  4. Thanks, Kortney! I only publish photos of myself that make me look good. :) My mom is still mad at me for putting a photo of her on Facebook!

    Can't wait to see you guys on Wednesday! It will be just me and Bo now, he's very excited to see Porter again!