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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Little Boy Clothes

Tonight I started "tagging" items for an upcoming consignment sale here in Des Moines. My cousin Shane and his wife Sally are organizing this sale, Just Between Friends, at the Iowa Events Center on August 9 - 12. I think you can sell up to 200 items. I have a feeling I will not have trouble reaching that limit!

Unfortunately, I already swapped a bunch of the boys old baby clothes through an online consignment called ThredUp. It was really cool, you filled a USPS box with about 8 clothing items and then "swapped" it for another box. Shipping was $15 but you didn't pay anything for the clothes. I got rid of about 12 boxes, but only ordered three boxes and then the company closed down. Oh well, the clothes went to good homes and they're out of my house!

Anyway, I'm entering descriptions of the clothes and their prices on their online site. Then we'll have to put them on hangers, print off the sales tags and take them in on the day before the sale. I'm hoping to get Shawn to do that part. :)  He's good at that kind of thing, plus he will love scoping out all the merchandise for sale!

My sister did a similar consignment sale in Overland Park this spring and she made over $300! Whoohoo! I'm excited to see what we can make. I'd like to use our profits for a little fall getaway for all of us.

So if you live in central Iowa be sure to mark your calendars for the sale on Aug. 9 - 12. They're also looking for volunteers at the event. Shane and Sally are super nice and I think this is their first sale, so I hope it is a big success for them!

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