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Monday, July 23, 2012

Girl Power!

No, this isn't a blog post about Violet's latest amazing accomplishment. Although it could be. She is an amazing 3-month-old. :) This is a post about females who are starting their own businesses.

Lately, it seems like half my friends have quit their corporate jobs and started their own companies. I am so impressed with them! Debbie is doing photography, Dina is baking gluten- and allergy-free products, Heather is making natural soaps, and Jane, Agi and Ann are all running their own PR businesses. And that's just my network of friends, and the ones I'm thinking of tonight -- if I extend that out to friends of friends then suddenly it seems like there's a female entrepreneur revolution going on! And I love it!

Kudos to all of you who took the plunge, shook off the corporate shackles and said, "Hey, I'm going to do this my way instead!" I think they are all very inspiring.

So what about you? If you could start your own business tomorrow, what would you do? Do you have a dream business waiting to be realized?

I have lots of them. I've always wanted to sell embroidered onesies and baby items -- I make them for friends and they are always a big hit! Then of course there's my longtime dream of opening a bakery in a small town. Shawn and I have also entertained the idea of opening a cafe. And for years, I've wanted to start my own utopian community where I would help run the communal kitchen/bakery/restaurant and also make quilts and teach kids how to sew. So many ideas... Where do you even begin? Well, I think a lot of women are interested in starting a business so I'm toying with the idea of interviewing some of these friends and acquaintances and finding out what inspired them, how they took the plunge, how their businesses are doing, etc.

I'll add it to my list. Right behind: pack up house, get it ready to sell, sell house, find new house, move into new house, unpack, decorate, and keep my sanity.

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