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Friday, July 27, 2012

Drinks at The Continental

Tonight I met a friend who I haven't seen in two years at The Continental bar in the East Village. It was so fun to catch up with her! Dina is the one who is starting a gluten-free baking business, Gluten Free 515. She brought some samples and oh. my. goodness. were they delicious!!!! Her carrot cake mini cupcakes were absolutely to-die-for! And she makes cake pops! And they were moist, chocolaty and so yummy. She gave me lots of good tips for using my cake pop maker. Turns out, you can use a regular cake mix in them. Dina is just getting her business going so I'm going to do some PR for her. I can't wait to help her and get the word out about her business.

Plus, it was so fun having drinks with her! Neither of us ever go out for drinks anymore so it was fun to catch up. And mojitos are so delicious. :)

Tomorrow is Friday -- hooray!! Shawn is staying home with Violet and bringing her by the office around 4 so he can take Bo for a much, much needed haircut. It's long enough now that he kind of looks like a little surfer boy -- it's cute. But it looks hot and when he wakes up it's all wonky and crazy. So a nice short cut is just what he needs.

Oh! And the biggest news for today!! Violet rolled over today!!! She did it for me and Shawn, and then again for me, Shawn and Bo. Bo was actually very excited for her, it was so cute. Violet will be crawling soon at the rate she's going! She already moves around a bunch when she's on the floor and scoots herself forward and backward.

OK, it's midnight and I should get to bed. Hope you all have some great weekend plans ahead! And will be tuning in for opening ceremonies for the Olympics Friday night!

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