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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympics Fever and a Haircut

Well, Violet and I thoroughly enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies last night in London. We were particularly happy to see Sir Paul finish out the show, though I was a little worried for his voice in the beginning. But I think he was just caught up in the moment and a little choked up. It was fun to see all the British celebrities throughout the night and I thought the Queen was a pretty good sport through it all. Some cycling road race is on now -- I love seeing the cool old London buildings in the background. One day Violet and I will see it for ourselves.

Speaking of my little red-headed sweetheart, she worked the final hour of the workday with me yesterday at the office. Too bad she couldn't come in every day at 4! I think moods throughout the agency would improve immediately. She was in a very smiley mood so she was a big hit with my coworkers -- who are always so sweet and say the nicest things.

While Violet was with me, Shawn and Bo headed to the barber for a MUCH, MUCH needed haircut! As you can see from the before-and-after photo below, Bo cleans up very nicely! In fact, I look at the photo on the left and feel kind of guilty.... What a mop! He looks so darling with his short haircut. I told him he looks like Wolverine now -- with the widow's peak in front!

And here are some pics from Violet's photo shoot with me the other night. They really didn't turn out very well. I need to work on my lighting and backgrounds. But the point was to get her into those old baby clothes of mine so I can have them for her scrapbook. I searched through my only baby album this morning, looking for me wearing those outfits as a baby but I couldn't find them. They must be at mom's house. We're going there later today for Kael's 10th birthday party so I'll look then.

Cheeky little monkey!

This little outfit has been on one of my Cabbage Patch Kid dolls for a couple decades. It barely fit her, but I got it on her. Light pink doesn't do much for her complexion, but the outfit is very cute.

This little red dress was missing its diaper cover but I love all the lacy accents on it. 

And this one is my favorite -- an adorable pink dress, pink ruffle bloomers and matching pink booties! It fits her really well and she might wear it to the party today. 

Love the ruffles!

There's a messy house with my name on it so I need to get to work. Have a great weekend!


  1. Great blog post to read. Today, I just had my last haircut.

  2. Thanks, Paul, for reading and for the link to your blog!