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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Settling Back into the Old Routine

Well I've been back at work for two days. It's going well. Easy to slide back in and pick up where I left off. Sweet baby Violet travels to work with Shawn each day, and then mid-morning he takes her to our niece Tori for the rest of the day. Tori is wonderful and Violet is in good hands. But I must admit, I miss hanging with my girl.

I think Shawn is taking a day off each week to be home with Violet and Mazy -- that will be great for all three of them. Mazy is looking forward to movie days with his dad, and to just being home. The biggest regret I have as a working parent is that our children never get the joy of a true summer break. They are either in daycare, day camps or at someone's house. I want them to experience lazy days at home when they can sleep in, watch TV, play in the backyard and just enjoy being kids.

This week is much calmer than last week's crazy schedule! Mazy is taking swim lessons every day at noon. My cousin Luke is watching him for two weeks. Mazy likes hanging out with his older cousin and playing his video games, so it's working out well.

No plans this weekend except to work on the house! July is the official month of getting our house ready to sell. We can do it! We will do it! We have no choice -- Violet wants a room, and what Violet wants, Violet gets!  :) 

Well, it's late and I need to get some sleep. Here are a few photos from Bo's birthday party at the Botanical Center in Des Moines. We had so much fun! Thanks to any of you reading this who were able to attend!

 This is Violet sleeping under the gift table at the birthday party. 

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  1. I've been wondering how back to work was...sounds like it's going pretty good. When I read about how the kids never really get a summer break - that is a bummer b/c there really is nothing better than lazy days in the summer. My children and you and your siblings had it good...

    enjoy and hugs to all. Thought about your Mom today with her treatment - keep me updated. Hang in there