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Thursday, June 28, 2012

This, That and a Really Cheap Laptop

First things first. Today my work had a "fire sale" for some of our used computers and stuff. An email came out saying they were selling 12 MacBook laptops for $150 each. Check or cash only. First come, first serve. No reserves. I read the email. Deleted it. Then fished it out of trash and thought, "Hhmm, $150 is kind of cheap for a laptop." Then I debated calling Shawn and seeing what he thought. Then I remembered that he hates Macs. Then I remembered I had some extra spending money this week. And then I thought, "What the heck! I'm going to get one!" So I went down to the IT guys, who are conveniently located just down the hall from my cube, and I was the second one there. I wrote my check, and I am now the proud owner of my own laptop! The boys are so excited! Bo immediately wanted to watch Curious George episodes on it, and Mazy wanted to "start sending emails to people!"

So that was the highlight of today. In other news, the weekend is nearly here. Yeah!!! We don't have any plans -- it's awesome! I am going to work on the house.

Last night Shawn's mom met us for supper in Ankeny. She had a 30% off coupon for Kohl's and she offered to get Bo some much-needed new tennis shoes. That boy goes through shoes like I can't believe... So after we ate, Shawn took Mazy and Violet home and Bo, Belinda and I went to Kohl's. Bo wanted "shoes with ties!!" so that's what we got him. He is very, very proud of those new shoes. And Grandma Belinda also let him pick out a new Cars t-shirt and a new Angry Birds t-shirt for Mazy! And Violet got two adorable new dresses for summer. Thanks, Belinda!! Oh, and I almost forgot! I got two boxed mixes for my Cake Pop Maker! I'm excited to finally try it out.

And finally, some pics I've been meaning to share for awhile:

Mazy's last day of school. They both look angry and kind of violent here, but I assure you they were sweet and in good moods when I took the picture.

 This was when I picked Mazy up on his last day of school. I created a "Summer Fun List" for him with 15 fun activities we would do this summer.

 We celebrate summer vacation with a small gift he can use in the summer. Last year I bought him a leather journal for him to record his summer fun. And this year....

Shawn found him his very own digital camcorder. It was only $15 on clearance! Who knows how long it will last but he's having a blast making his own movies. Violet stars in many of them. And Bo stars in the rest.

Have I posted this picture yet? I probably have. But it makes me smile every time I see it so I'm putting it up again.

And here's one of my dad and my nephews Hudson and Maddox. I just really like this picture.

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