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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Waldo and Mother's Day Moment

So today was the day Mazy dressed up as Waldo from the popular "Where's Waldo?" book series. He was so freaking cute!!! I left the camera in the van, and it had much better photos of him dressed as Waldo, but this one will suffice for now. Is he hilarious or what?!

Shawn is the mastermind behind this costume. He made the entire thing for about $7, and most of that was the cost of the red and white duct tapes! He found the shirt, hat and glasses at thrift shops. Mazy was very proud of this outfit actually, and wore it all day at school!

Hint to any parent thinking of making a duct tape outfit. Have your child wear the clothing you are duct taping and stuff it with some other articles of clothing to expand the fabric before you tape it. Shawn taped the shirt and then literally squeezed poor Mazy into it. I didn't think we were going to be able to get it off! It was so tight around his arms that it gave him hickeys on the inside of his elbows! Poor kid! I thought one of his ears was going to rip off. But Shawn solved the problem by removing the tape from the back of the shirt and sleeves. It's really only the front we needed to be striped so it worked just fine and gave the fabric some stretch to make it comfortable to wear and remove. It was a hit!

Mother's Day Is Coming!
I'm sure I don't have to remind any of you that Mother's Day is this Sunday. I have all the presents bought and will finish a few on Saturday before the annual Mother's Day Catfish Fry at the farm Saturday night. It is always a delicious meal. I'm doing desserts this year. Tonight I made a white chocolate raspberry bundt cake that needs to be frozen for a few days before serving. I will frost it Saturday morning and serve it cold, as the recipe calls for. It looks beautiful and the batter was delicious! We might also, if time and energy allows, make some cake pops on Friday night. After all, we received a cake pop maker for a Christmas gift this year and haven't used it yet. They would be the perfect small-sized treat for all the children at our party!

Shawn, if you haven't bought me a Mother's Day gift yet, and I know you haven't, here are some ideas: have the boys clean out the van and get it washed and vacuumed for me; buy me a "Violet" pendant for my necklace; get me a grilling pan for the stove; or get me a gift certificate to a garden center so I can buy my vegetable plants and then help me plant them on Sunday.  Just a few ideas if you need them, which I know you do. Making breakfast is always a nice gesture as well. :)

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