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Friday, May 11, 2012

More Mother's Day Memories

While sorting through the voluminous crates, boxes and bags of junk in our house, I came across two Mother's Day cards the boys made me in 2005, and then a Mother's Day card I made my mom way back in the early 80s!

 Inside of the card I made my mom -- looks like something we would have done at school, probably in 2nd grade or so. 

 The cover of the card I made -- look at that fancy two-colored flower! :)

 The covers of the boys Mother's Day cards featured outlines of their hands -- I am a sucker for little traced hands!

 Here's Mazy's card -- you can't see the picture of him so well but he was so cute!

And here is Bobo's card -- what a little sweetie!

Tonight I made peanut butter pretzel chocolate brownies -- the second dessert for the annual Mother's Day Fish Fry at the farm tomorrow night. In the morning I will frost the white chocolate raspberry bundt cake and we will be ready to go!

Quick updates:
  • Yesterday Shawn, Violet and I attended Mazy's culminating event at school. He was a piranha in a shadow puppet play that his class put on. He also had a large role as one of the emcees of the presentation. After the play, Shawn headed back to Nevada and Mazy, Violet and I grabbed Taco John's (Mazy's choice, he wanted to try their new fish tacos) and we had a little picnic under the shade trees at Terrace Hill (the Iowa Governor's Mansion). It was a lovely day and we had a great time. I have photos that I need to download. 
  • Today I continued to sort, clean and throw out stuff. I also mopped the dining room floor for the first time in I don't know how long... Violet slept most of the morning and all of the afternoon. She also only woke up one time Thursday night!

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