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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday with Violet

Today was a fun day. Vy and I woke up early, I showered, got her and the boys dressed, and we took them to school and daycare. Then Violet and I went to the grocery store for cake supplies for Mother's Day. She napped while I made pork/sweet pepper/zucchini stuffed manicotti for supper. Then at 1:30 we took our huge van load of toy donations to Bo's daycare and picked up Bo. Then while Violet napped and Bo watched Curious George, I made super delicious chocolate cupcakes with cream filling! They were so good! And from a box mix, so they took very little time.

Shawn picked up Mazy and then mowed. We enjoyed a nice supper with the boys while Violet slept (seeing a pattern here. That's what happens when she didn't sleep at all yesterday). Then bath time for everyone and Violet was in a good mood so I took some photos of her with things people have made for her and given her that I've been wanting to show you:

 Violet and the beautiful quilt her Aunt Denise made her.

 Violet with her awesome owl pillow that Aunt Heidi and cousin Theron made her.

 Violet with a very cool Jane Austen board book that Aunt Heidi bought. She also has Jane Eyre! We read them together when we're up each night at 4:30. I tell Violet she needs to find a Mr. Darcy to marry. :) 

And my sweet Violet. 

I tried sneaking a photo of Bo after his bath but he hid from me!

Mazy and Shawn just finished his costume for Book Character Day tomorrow. Oh my god, it is as hilarious and cute as I imagined! I might put a photo on Facebook tonight because I love it so much! I will definitely have photos of him on my blog tomorrow. See you!

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  1. My goodness Violet what a wonderful aunty you have!