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Monday, May 7, 2012

Magic Monday

When I was a kid, I LOVED anything to do with magic. I had a magic set. Whenever I had a special shopping day for my birthday, I asked to go to the magic store at the mall (no longer there). I performed magic tricks for my classes (and impressed the heck out of them). Even in high school, I spent some of my hard-earned money to buy tickets to David Copperfield.

So, it is with much excitement that I see my little Mazy getting interested in magic tricks. Shawn has found him a couple of tricks at thrift shops -- just little things that are easy for a beginner to learn. So far he's doing very well to learn the trick and keep the audience interested.

In other news:
  • When Violet was not calling for me today, I continued working in the front porch. For the first time, the boys were able to play out there and they loved it. And we loved it. It's much quieter when there is a wall between us and the boys playtime... :)  Pics to come once I am finished.
  • I decided to get rid of a shelf in the porch -- one I'd bought at a garage sale. I set it on the curb and within 5 minutes a lady was loading it and all the plastic buckets that came with it, into her car. Sometimes I love living on the East Side.  :) 
  • Bo is giving daycare a real run for their money lately. He does not like the fact that I stay home with Violet every day and he does not get to. I can't blame him. Next week Mazy's school is on break so if Bo is able to improve his behavior this week, I told him he could stay home with us several days next week. I hope that is a good incentive for him to shape up. But fortunately, our daycare provider is not too worried or upset about it. She figured this would happen when Violet joined the family. She is not concerned, so I will not be either. His behavior at home isn't perfect, but it's been a heck of a lot worse! And he's very sweet toward Violet -- not as affectionate as Mazy (who is...) but he kisses her at least a couple times a day and has never shown any anger or contempt toward her. I find this all very positive!
  • This is National Reading Week at Mazy's school. Tomorrow they have a guest speaker, the Iowa Barnstormer coach, who apparently wrote a book. All the kids are supposed to dress in a sports-theme outfit. Wednesday is Book Character Day. I can't wait to show you the costume we came up with for him! He chose the character and Shawn found all the necessary items. Mazy is never very excited to dress up. It sounds good in theory to him, but when it comes down to putting on clothing and accessories that make him look different than everyone else, he always gets cold feet and doesn't want to do it. And then we force him to do it because we spent time and money on the costume that he wanted so badly. So I am mentally preparing myself for the battle Wednesday morning. :)
OK, that's about all from me. Hope you all have a great week ahead!

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