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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Violet in May

If Violet does not have a four-foot dollhouse, an army of American Girl dolls, a motorized pink Barbie convertible and a pony by the time she is 8, I will be disappointed in her.

You see, this little girl has us all wrapped around her finger. When she learns to talk and ask for things, something tells me that none of us will be able to say no to her.

Next week, I will pick a day and count how many times she gets kissed by our family. Between Shawn and Mazy it is easily in the triple digits. We just can't resist those chubby cheeks! And if she smiles and screeches in delight at one of us, Katy bar the door!, because there's no stopping us.  

Anyway, here are a few recent pics of our Violet Betty:

I LOVE the flowered shirt she is wearing in the above photos. My Aunt Jean bought it for her, along with the little denim jeggings and two other adorable shirts and the cutest little crocheted hat you've ever seen! And what's really cool about this outfit -- my sister bought her the exact same one in a larger size so we'll have it again for this fall and winter!

OK, time to get to bed. Here's the weekend plan:
  • Saturday morning -- meet Heidi, Steve and Theron at the farmers market for breakfast and veggie shopping
  • Saturday lunch and afternoon -- join Shawn's family at Hickory Grove campsite east of Nevada, Iowa, for lunch, swimming and fun 
  • Sunday morning -- go to Morrisburg Cemetery to leave flowers for Grandma Betty, Great Aunt Ermadale, Great Uncle Gerald, Great-Grandparents Alva and Angie, and the rest of the relatives who are there. Let the boys decorate soldier's headstones with plastic army guys.
  • Sunday noon and afternoon -- Theron's 7th birthday and Hudson's 5th birthday party at the farm!
  • Monday -- home, sweet, home! We need to pull weeds in the landscaping, mow and maybe take the boys for a picnic at a park. 
Have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend, everyone! And check out Mazy's latest restaurant review of The King and I -- Thai restaurant in West Des Moines, Iowa.

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