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Friday, May 4, 2012

Opening Day and a Clean Porch

I have but two goals for this weekend: 1. Attend opening day of the  Downtown Farmers Market on Saturday. 2. Finish cleaning the darn front porch so the boys can begin playing out there!

I think I can accomplish both tomorrow and enjoy Sunday with the family. We don't have many plans this weekend so we can do it!

Today I had a fabulous couple of hours at the salon -- yearly highlights, hair cut, head massage, paraffin wax hand treatment, makeup refresh and no children. It was very, very nice. Thank you to my husband for staying home with Violet so I could go. Here's a pic of my haircut:

She made it very curly. I didn't even know it would go this curly but apparently if you have the patience and time to use a diffuser, it will go all Shirley Temple on me. Who knew. It's nice having it shorter for the summer. She also used purple eye shadow on me, and when I found out it was called Violet Coast, I had to buy some for myself. Of course. I mean, Violet... it was a sign! Plus it sets off my glasses really well!

Mazy just saw this photo and said, "That's a funny picture of you." So maybe I don't look as good as I thought. :) 

OK, Mom is here tonight and we just watched Captain America and now we're watching Thor. The main character in Thor is very cute so I better go tune in. Hopefully we will have a new food review from Mazy tomorrow from the farmers market.

Have a great weekend!


  1. So wonderful that you had some time to take care of you today. Wishing you time to accomplish your goals this weekend!