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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awake for Most of Her One-Month Birthday

So sweet Violet is officially a month old today and she celebrated by waking up at 2 a.m. and staying awake until about 1 p.m. Yes, I was excited to spend a LOT of bonding time with her on this momentous day.  :) Oh but look at that face -- how can you deny her anything?!

But she slept most of the afternoon and is fast asleep now with her dad in his recliner. I should wake her up so she will sleep tonight! But how can you wake a sleeping baby? I got four hours of sleep last night, and frankly that's about all I got the last couple months of my pregnancy so I'm not even that tired. It's weird how little sleep you can get by on.

Tomorrow I am getting a haircut and highlights! Whoohooo! I get highlights once a year, always in May. It's my unofficial kick-off to the summer fun season. Shawn is either staying home with Vy while I'm at Salon W or he's taking her to work with him. Then I could go to Nevada to get her after the appointment. Mornings are her fussy time so I don't think I'll get by with taking her to the salon. I love that place but those girls don't really seem like the kind to watch a crying baby for you.

Let's see what else is in store for the next couple days? Tomorrow night is game night for Shawn. Mom is spending the night with us so we can go to the OPENING DAY of the Downtown Farmers Market on Saturday. I can't wait!!! I love the farmers market. I love opening day. I love getting there early before the rest of the world arrives with all their dogs and strollers and annoying habits. (I get a little cranky when my farmers market is overly crowded.) Saturday is also the flea market, which Shawn and Mom will go to. I don't know if they'll take the boys or a boy or not. I'm debating taking Violet to the market with me and mom. I already told Shawn that he and the boys aren't invited.  :) I know that sounds mean, but Mazy and Shawn spend most of their time complaining about the weather, the crowd, the walking or the food they can't find. Bo is actually pretty good -- buy him some watermelon and/or popcorn and that boy is happy!

OK, gotta switch laundry. Have a great Friday, everyone!

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