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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Three Babies

I've been wanting to do this for some time -- compare baby photos of Mazian, Bourne and Violet. Everyone says she looks just like Mazy, so I wanted to see if it was true. You be the judge.

Birth Photos
 Violet at one day old

 Bo at one day old (forgot he was born with a lot of hair!)

Mazy at one or two weeks old (we don't have digital photos of him at the hospital for some reason)

One-Month-Old Photos
 Mazy at a month old

 Bo at a month old

Violet at a month old

Well, I think Bo and Vy look eerily alike in those last photos! But that could be the chubby cheeks and vacant baby stare.  :)  

In any event, I think they are all beautiful and sweet as can be. We have been very fortunate to get three healthy babies. 

Now I'm off to check on Violet. I think we're getting the boys haircut tonight so that is always an adventure. Bye until tomorrow!

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