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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time to Put Away the Maternity Clothes

Today was the day.

It was the day I decided to open a dresser drawer I have not opened for a long time. It was the day I decided to be bold and brave and try on a regular-sized pair of blue jeans, knowing it could be a depressing move if they did not fit. But today was a good day -- they fit! They're not even snug. They felt great! And I was so excited to be back in regular clothes! Whoohooo!!!!

Vy and I picked Mazy up from school at 1:30 today (early out on Wednesdays). Then we stopped at Amici Coffee for a latte for me, a mango smoothie for Maze and a strawberry Italian soda for Bo. Then we picked up Bo and we all went to Merle Hay Mall to buy new shoes for the boys. It was my first outing with all three children. Three children! It still seems strange to say that. But these three children of mine were just as good as could be. We found new shoes for each boy, paid for them and were packing up when my cousin Jenny joined us at the mall. She helped me take them all to the play area for about an hour. Then, because of their great behavior, I bought everyone frozen yogurt. Not me though, I was so excited about my jeans fitting that I decided to skip the sweets. Thank you Jenny for helping out and joining us!

Tomorrow morning, sweet Vy has her first photo shoot with my friend Debbie. We'll go to Ankeny from 9:30 to 11:30 for her photos and then head to Ames for lunch with Shawn and his parents. Tonight I packed a bag full of clothes and accessories for her photos. My aunt Sherie found the most adorable bright pink ruffled diaper cover for us today!! It's just what I wanted. Thanks, Sherie! She also found some silk violets that we'll do something fun with in the photos.

Well, I think that's the news for today. Have a great Thursday, everyone! Here are a few pics from last night in our backyard.


  1. Can't wait to see her photos. Glad we are seeing her soon, I keep buying her presents! Not that that's a bad thing.

  2. Went out on our trail last night and Porter kept pointing out all the violets and talking about you guys. Way to go on the clothes - hope you ordered a large latte today! Can't wait to see Debbie's pics!