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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Little Monkey Is Two Weeks Old!

Violet -- oh you sweet little butterball! Today you are two weeks old. It is already hard for me to remember life before Violet Betty. What a sweet little girl you are, and what fun we are having with you! At two weeks, you are still pretty much just sleeping and eating. You sleep a lot. And eat a lot. And you are so easy to have around! I am getting a lot of cleaning and laundry finished. Soon I'll be able to move on to some major home improvement projects during your naps!

This morning I did not think we'd get your brothers and dad off to school and work because they all kept running back to give you goodbye kisses. Girl, you have them wrapped around your little finger! Soon I'll teach you how to use that to your advantage.  :)

Today you're wearing an adorable little polka dot outfit that my Aunt Sherie bought you -- it came with a monkey hat. Your brothers LOVE the monkey hat. Bo calls you Curious Violet now, a tribute to his favorite monkey and favorite bedtime books. You look pretty darn cute in it, I have to say. Purple is your color. :) It really brings out your pretty auburn hair and complexion.

Well, I have some cleaning to do. Today at 1 we have your two-week checkup. Tomorrow, you and I are going to take your brothers shoe shopping after school. That is sure to be an experience for all of us...

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  1. Oh she is so cute. Wow 2 weeks...can't believe how much you do in a day - mother of 3. Can't wait to see her. So glad that she looks pretty in purple, since that beautiful iris dress (for next spring) will be so pretty on her. Keep up the good work!