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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"You're Still Here?!!?"


That's how many times today I read or heard the phrase, "You're still here?!?!" or a variant of it ....

Yes, coworkers, if I am sitting at my desk and working on a computer, I have clearly NOT had the baby. Nor am I in the process of having the baby. And most certainly I do not know WHEN I will have the baby. So don't ask.

In fact, let's save your time and my patience, and just don't mention my pregnancy. Just walk by me and give me a thumb's up. Then I will know you are thinking of me, which is very nice of you, but I will not be forced to act nice and respond to you. It's a win-win, believe me.

Overdue Day 2
So I started the day with a doctor's appointment -- the last office visit of this pregnancy! Whoohoo for that! A new doc today that I'd never met. He asked me three times, "Do you think this baby will be 8-1/2 pounds like the others?" Finally, after shrugging and saying, "I don't know, probably." I said, "Actually, I thought maybe YOU would be telling ME that information. Do YOU think it's going to be 8-1/2 pounds?"

For pete's sake, how do I know? I told him I would be shocked if it was under that weight, given the fact that this baby's two older brothers were both just a few ounces shy of 9 pounds, and this baby is already overdue and growing more each day. Jeez, I'm not a OB/GYN but it seems like commonsense...

Happy Thoughts
So clearly you see that my mood with the world in general is somewhat grumpy. But not to everyone. I had a great chat with my older sis this afternoon. I had a great chat with my Grandma Maxine at lunch. I exchanged many fun emails with my mom. And I had a delightful supper and evening with my family. I made chicken jambalaya, roasted asparagus and French bread for supper, with homemade strawberry shortcake for dessert! That's right, I made homemade shortcake tonight for my men. And that little Bo loved it! He ate three of them! And Iron Chef Mazy created the shortcakes and strawberries for us.

And then the perfect ending to my day -- Shawn painted my toenails for me. Yes, he's a good man. And he's as good or better than any professional manicurist I've been to! When it comes to perfection, nobody holds a candle to Shawn. Thank you, babe, now I can have this baby and at least have pretty red toenails to look at. :)

That's all from me, friends. Bye!

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  1. Oh Keesia...I am laughing. Yes, if you are at your desk you are still pg. Can't believe the Dr. asked you to guess the weight. I know you must be miserable, but you don't seem to come across that way on your blog! Hang in there - and all good things come to those who wait! Love you and good luck