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Monday, March 26, 2012

My Due Date Is Here!!! But the Baby Isn't....


Here I am.

Worked all day.

Cooked supper. Ate supper. Cleaned up half of the supper mess (Shawn's still eating).

Now debating what to do tonight... A load of laundry for one thing -- I am nearly out of clean maternity wear. And probably pick up the house quickly so it stays clean (well, cleanish).

And wait for this baby to be born!

We are remarkably ready. We cleaned the downstairs yesterday -- including the inside of the microwave that was downright disgusting. I paid all the bills for the next month so we wouldn't forget anything and transferred our tax refunds into appropriate savings accounts. I've sent emergency numbers and information for the boys' daycare and school in case someone needs to pick them up. My bag is packed. I have clothes for the baby packed. I have overnight bags with favorite stuffed animals and books packed for each boy. Every possible work project has been completed. Except a few that I really don't want to do so I keep dragging my feet.  :)  There's nothing to do but wait. So that's what we're doing. And it's not so bad. After all, the very latest I will go is next Monday, April 2, so the end really is in sight.

Thanks for all the calls, emails and texts of encouragement and excitement! It's a very fun time for us and we're all anxious for this baby's arrival!

Hey there Baby, we're ready to see more of you than this beautiful ultrasound image of your left fifth digit.

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  1. Ok, Baby, you have four days to be born if you want Aunt Heidi to shower you with gender appropriate gifts this weekend! Come on, there are many shopping days left!